Three big secrets you should know when selling clothes online

Selling clothes online is a huge business that takes lots of time and work. However, to get successful selling clothes online, there are some secrets you should know. So in this article, I will give you the three big secrets you should know when selling clothes online.

So let’s dive in.

  1. Your product photograph is everything. Seeing is believing! If you want people to buy your clothes, you have to show them what you are offering. You should upload at least four product photos taken from different angles in natural, soft light. You should make sure that your product photograph is not only beautiful, but it should be unique. You should also include an image of someone wearing the clothes, so it can give the customer the sense of how the cloth looks like. However, the quantities of photos you can add on resale sites varies. For instance, on Tradesy you can upload images up to twelve, but on Poshmark, you are limited to uploading only four images. However, all that rules don’t apply, if you have your website.

  1. Your price determines a lot of things in your business. Before you rush into setting a price for your clothes, you should know that your price determines a lot of things in your business. That is why you should do your research well before setting prices for your merchandise. You can go into some resale sites and check how much people sell items similar to what you are selling. If you can’t find any item similar to what you are selling, you can just consider your cost price, shipping cost, your store cost, and your profit. After you have done all your considerations, you can then set your price. But you should make sure that it is not over-priced, else people won’t buy it.
  1. Your description is as important as your product photograph. I know your product photograph is very important, but your description is as important. As a customer, after I see your price and photograph, I go straight to checking your description. Trust me, if your description is not good enough, most customers won’t buy from you no matter how good your product photograph is. That is why you have to make sure that your description is very good. Your description has to include the clothes brand, style name, size, color, material, and fit. You should also make sure that your description is error free.
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