Selling clothes from your home; what do you need?

If you are deciding to sell clothes from your home, there are lots of things you need to consider. First, you have to make the big decision on what type of clothing you want to sell. It is more profitable to sell a particular niche of clothing. When you sell a particular niche of clothing, you tend to get more focused. Customers also prefer you selling a particular niche of clothing because it is easier for them to shop for clothes and ask for your advice of that particular niche of clothing.

So since you have decided you want to sell clothes from your home, here are some things that you will need to get started.

  1. Vendor’s license. You should obtain a vendor’s license through your city or country administration office because you need to collect sales taxes from in-state customers. If you have a fictitious name for your business, you should apply for doing business as a license. You should obtain your DBA from the same place you obtained your vendor’s license.

  1. A wholesale or manufacturer supplier. You need to find a wholesale or manufacturer supplier for your clothing products. You should go to the national association of wholesaler-distribution website which is the, call their main office and ask them to send you a list of wholesalers. You should call several of the manufacturers and wholesalers. Find out which one of them sells the products you market. You should also find out if the manufacturers or wholesalers drop-ship products. You should go with the drop shipping option because it will help you eliminate big investments in clothing inventory.
  1. Merchant account. You should obtain a merchant account from your bank. A merchant account allows you to accept credit card orders.
  1. A website. You need a website. You should set up a website for your clothing business. If you think you can’t setup a website yourself, you can have people design them for you. Contact your supplier for different pictures on the products that you sell. Include the pictures on your website. You should also include killer descriptions and befitting prices.
  1. A search engine optimizer. Since you already have a website, you have to hire a search engine optimizer so you can achieve a high page ranking in search engines. You should help your search engine optimizer to create keywords that best describe your clothes.
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